jeudi 5 janvier 2012

Phoning it in with Charlie McAlister

Home taping legend (the man is quite literally insanely prolific), artist, swamp thing, and master of the Dixie hula, Charlie McAlister phones it in from Charleston, SC. A spiritual successor to Hasil Adkins, Charlie comes from the same home taping scene that birthed other greats like Simon Joyner, Franklin Bruno, and the Mountain Goats. Cacophonous banjo cel phone pop songs and disturbing, hallucinogenic poetry. Eat it alive and swallow it whole. What the hell was happening over there? Incredible.

Nadav Carmel, BSR 06/02/2005

Glamourpuss Roll
Zing Ace (Pam)
Urine For Fuel
The Stupid Bridge
I Am Staying Here
Little Brown Dog
My Boy
Go Home
Puerto Rican Rolls
Mike's Story
Norie In Jail
My Pal
My Parents/Robots/Volcano
Light Brown Air
Good Luck
Toy Honey
I Polish My Shoes
Mama's Ass
Another Scam
The Ultimate Fashion Show
Down In the Alley (Ted Meyer)

* Ça vient d'ici. Ça se télécharge .

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