lundi 3 novembre 2008

Days off #27

* Le plan kabbalistique du métro londonien, dont je causais l'autre jour, dans Promethea.

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wilson costa a dit…

Hi, I'm brazilian, so I'll write in english because my french is not very well... I accidentally found this site when looking for an Alan Moore interview, The Craft, and when I laid eyes on the "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" picture on the sidebar, I instantly knew I should start writing my own book, and while I was at it, I should start a website do discuss writing itself, and that I should have that same picture on my sidebar.
So here I am, confessing I stole your idea. For a good purpose, though.
Unless you think it wasn't a very cool thing to do. Tell me so and I'll have it quickly removed. =)

Best of luck,

GM a dit…

The picture ain't mine, use it, do not hesitate! I'm honoured my blog might be useful to anything!

Julien a dit…

You might say that Alan Moore is drawn on the first picture.

Mouches d'eau international star !

GM a dit…

urf, j'ai surtout oublié de préciser : scan de jiko.